Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser

the only U.S. patented dispensers in the World!!!

Spruill's Concessions Mfg., LLC.       

Here's "WHAT" is wrong with using a Stainless Steel Pouring pitcher...
1.  You can't do a VOLUME business using it.  The Stainless Steel Pouring pitcher can only hold enough batter for 3 or 4 funnel cakes before You have to refill it.  Just that alone takes TIME which eats away at your profits.

2.  When it is filled with batter it weighs approximately 6 lbs.  If you are at an event where you are cooking funnel cakes all day and all night that pitcher weighing 6 lbs. soon seems to weigh 600 lbs.  It becomes very, very heavy.

3.  The batter is exposed to to any air-borne contaminates which can fall into your batter. The batter in the stainless steel pourer is not sealed off from bugs, etc..

4.  The batter is not kept at a constant cool temperature which insures the best flavor for the funnel cake.

5.  The spout on the stainless steel pourer always breaks off after you have used it at a few events. You either have to buy a new one or have it re-welded back's pretty dang frustrating having to fish that spout out of the cooking oil when your busy.

6.  The batter always clogs up, especially if the batter has not been poured in the past ten minutes, the spout of the stainless steel pourer. You have to take time an poke something threw it while your busy so you can beg the batter to pour out. There's even some people who will tell you that they just break the spout off on purpose so the batter will pour better.

7.  The stainless steel pourers are expensive to constantly replace...the cost approximately $69.99 a piece.

8.  The stainless steel pourers are slow !!! It takes, depending on whether or not you're having problems with the spout, 30 to 45 seconds to pour one 8", eight inch, funnel cake.

That's 8 good reasons "WHY" the stainless steel funnel cake pourer is no good. I could list more...but, I would rather show you "WHY" The Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser is the only way You should be dispensing funnel cake batter.
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