Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser

the only U.S. Patented dispensers in the World!!!

Spruill's Concessions Mfg., LLC.       


Refund Policy
Our Refund Policy is very Simple.  If after you receive your 5 or 10 gallon Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser and you decide that it will not work for your business or operation, we will refund your full purchase price less the cost of the free shipping we provided when you purchased, and if the following conditions are met:

1.)  It has not been more than 3 days since the Dispenser arrived at your address;

2.)  You have not used your Dispenser to test it out or in your business, and it is not damaged from mishandling;

3.)  That all parts, (pressure regulator, manual, gun/wand hoses, etc.), are enclosed and returned to us.

In 23 years of manufacturing and selling our Funnel Cake Batter Dispensers, we have only had two returned to us by a customer wanting his/her money refunded.

This is the reason "why" they wanted their money back:  The first customer's business was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, and due to the fact that his Dispenser set on the dock in Mississippi because it couldn't be delivered and because he no longer had a business...he wanted his money refunded.  We absolutely understood his situation, and we felt very sorry for him.

The second, only, Dispenser that we had to refund money back to the purchaser was because it wouldn't work for his business.  We discussed his business with him and what he wanted to use the Dispenser for prior to his  purchasing it, and we did our best to talk him out of purchasing it.  But, he believed that he could use it for cake icings.  Nevertheless, he purchased a Dispenser anyway.  Then, when it arrived and he looked it over he decided that the Dispenser would hold way more icing than he needed to dispense on his cupcakes
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