Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser

the only U.S. Patented dispensers in the World!!!

Spruill's Concessions Mfg., LLC.       


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The inventor of the 5 Gallon Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser, Paul R. Spruill, passed away January 12th, 2014 at age 85.  He is deeply missed every day, and to explain what a great Husband, Father, and Friend that he was would take volumes of pages.

Gary and Jo worked side-by-side with Paul in the Concession business.  We manufactured and marketed our Funnel Cake Batter Dispensers.  Gary and Jo recently received their patent on the 10 Gallon Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser which they invented.

They maintain the same dedication and integrity that has made this business a success!