Funnel Cake Batter Dispenser

the only U.S. patented dispensers in the World!!!

Spruill's Concessions Mfg., LLC.       


So, what's wrong with using an actual funnel.  Just about everything!
1.  It's about as slow a method have to fill the funnel every time you pour a cake. Any kind of volume business is impossible.

2.   It's about as unsanitary as it gets. The same thumb covering the end of that funnel is usually the same thumb taking the customer's money.

3.  Talk about labor !!! Your arm and shoulder wear out before you've made enough money to break even.

4.  Batter is exposed to every air-borne contaminate there is.

I could list a dozen other reasons...but, you get the point real quickly. This method belongs at home to impress the family. Any commercial operation trying to use this method won't be in business long. Or, their operation is being ran by a minimum wage employee who's looking for another job!
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